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It is our favorite dive, ideal for both: beginners and more advanced divers. In a few minutes we will find ourselves in depths between 12 and 15 meters. During this dive it is easy to have encounters with seahorses and, depending on the season, Monkfish, Moonfish, San Pedros (Zeus faber), Rays, Cuttlefish and many other sea creatures. Depending on the level of the group we can descend up to 32 meters where we have located a cleaning station where the sunfish get clean during the spring-summer season. A show you cannot miss!

In addition, la Mar Menuda is also one of the best night dive you can do on the Costa Brava.

Ideal boat trip for beginners. It is a very simple dive where we will not exceed 20 meters in depth and where we will find a variety of spectacular marine life. Suitable for all levels, it is one of Tossa’s dive sites where we usually find seahorses. During the season, it is an area where you can spot eagles rays and San Pedro (Zeus Faber).

Getting to Na Bosca will take only 10 minutes of navigation from the boarding point.

In Na Bosca, we do night dives sometimes. Don’t miss them!!! Encounters with large groups of sea hares as well as seahorses are almost guaranteed!

Our favorite boat dive. Just 5 minutes of navigation from the boarding point is one the dives where we have an amazing mix of large and small life in the area. Sunfish and Monkfish will appear on this dive site during their season, rays throughout the year and eagles during our summer.

If you are a Nudi lover, this is your dive site. Nudibranchs such as Janolus cristatus, Godivas and Elegans (hypselodoris elegans) among others, will be easy to see here.

This dive is suitable for all levels as we can stay in the 18-20 mts range but we can also descend to 30 meters deep. This is a dive you cannot miss because you will find all the representation of marine life that lives in Tossa de Mar in it. The nights in this dive are unsurpassed too!!!

After 15 minutes of navigation, we find one of the best and most complete dives in the area, also suitable for all levels. It is a large rock that reaches the surface and does not exceed 25 meters in depth, although we will find the most interesting life between 15 – 18 meters. This is another of the areas where we always have different seahorses located and where we can also find the long-awaited monkfish when it is their time. This area is especially attractive to photographers due to the number of nudibranchs it houses.

This area is one of our favorite night dives in Tossa, it never ceases to amaze us!!

This is an exclusive dive suitable only for advanced level divers. Just 10 minutes of navigation

It is a deep dive where large conger eels and moray eels abound. Also, friendly groupers and rays will be seen here. Rare nudibranchs like Lady Godiva or Janolus cristatus can be found on this are. And during the summer it is also a cleaning zone for sunfish.

Suitable for all levels as it does not exceed 24 meters in depth. It is a very large diving area, and we could say that to cover this entire dive we would need to do at least two dives there. This diving area is very rich in nudibranchs and it is very well known as a transit area for tunas and large sea eagles during summer season. It Is a highly recommended dive.

After 15 minutes of navigation, we find this area formed by three rock formations in the shape of balls, which is why it receives its name (“Bolets” means mushrooms in Catalan).

Dive suitable only for advanced levels, we move all the time around 28 meters deep. It is a very requested dive by our friends specially on days with very good visibility as the encounters can become UNFORGETTABLE!!

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